I thought it’d be amusing to show Sydney moon-jumping around and for some reason I thought that would be best illustrated from the foot up. So, a slightly odd page. I regret not being able to make it all feet – not because I’m trying to satisfy some foot fetish checklist or anything, but it would have been a nice touch thematically.

Really, they should have done this with the orbs straight away. They did scan them for radiation, but it didn’t occur to them that they might be outgassing. I don’t know how fast Mass Spectrometers are, or if they have to scan for one thing at a time, or do everything at once. I guess whatever the answer is, this particular Mass Spec is going to take a few hours because someone took it apart to see how it worked and maybe had a few extra bits and bobs left over when they put it back together.

No, I don’t have a Who’s Who entry for “The List.” Yes, I have considered doing that.

I was going to post that since Dabbler is normally digitigrade, (yes, technically unguligrade, but I think Dabbler would agree that word is insufficiently sexy) walking around on super high heels wouldn’t present much of a challenge for her. But that’s because I momentarily forgot that she only looks like a beach bunny because of her glamor, not because she’s a shapeshifter. So, she’s still just walking around on her hooves. Even though her glamor is like a fully realized illusion with full tactile components, so you could give her a foot rub, and you would feel a foot while doing it. She would feel the contact being mapped to the correct part of her foot, which would be important if she was going to react correctly – and since succubi glamors are pretty hard core, it would be dumb if there was such an easy way to detect them.

Not that all succubi have digitigrade legs and hooves. As with most other demons, there’s a lot of morphological variety, but since their glamors will usually have to deal with hiding horns, and occasionally have to hide wings or tails, they are extensible to cover things like hooves and extra arms.

Note that when Dabbler is glamored as a plantigrade human wearing heels, she tends to stand slightly pigeon-toed, but in her “natural” guise, she stands duck-footed, which is evidently the opposite of pigeon-toed.

The new vote incentive is up! Some of you got sort of invested in Lapha and Garamm, so here she is testing out her new duds. I don’t know if or when they’ll show up in the comic again, (probably more a question of ‘when’) but we’ll have to see if she got any other options besides the tail. Personally I’d go for retractable, venomous fangs, but presumably if you get those, you also have to get a special upgraded pancreas or liver or something, in case you accidentally bite the inside of your own cheek with your fang.

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