Glen is one of the previously unnamed fashion ninja from way back on page 316. One of Ashley’s assistant. Why they are ninjas instead of just seam… seamsters. Textile crafters? Whatever, it’s probably an interesting story. Which won’t be told now.

BTW, Maxima wasn’t acting grumpy earlier in the day because the team “forgot her birthday” or anything. She just had a mountain of paperwork to look forward to and it’s not exactly her favorite thing to do. A brief googling told me that Lt. Colonels probably don’t have aides, though it’s reasonable that Maxima could probably make a case for one, as she’s basically in charge of the whole base here in addition to being a critical field asset. General Faulk is usually running political interference for the team, and doesn’t often have input on field operations.

I had considered a page between this one and the last featuring superheroines in the shower showing Sydney de-saucing from the last page. Partially because we haven’t had one of those recently. The central gag being Frix showing up, not realizing the showers weren’t co-ed, queue some size-comparison comments, etc. I waffled on that briefly, but Frix isn’t a dummy, he’s an engineer and a medic. He’s smart enough at least know to ask what the shower situation is, if not just guess it outright. Plus I wanted to move things along after all the… dang it, I forgot to add Detla to the group shot. I guess she’s standing off to the right, along with everyone else who shows up in this scene that I didn’t have room for. Like Dabbler. Double dang it!

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