This is why I suddenly had to start doing the specular pass on Maxima, otherwise the choker would look like it actually added shininess to her. Max isn’t, or I should say wasn’t, medium-brown haired before the whole gold-plated phase. Dabbler just took a best guess. That will get sorted out later, but if Max got to choose her hair color (which, she actually can now) she’d probably go for black hair. It isn’t that she has anything against blondes, certainly. At least not natural blondes, and not even women who bleach their hair now and then, but if pressed, she might have some opinions about women who go ultra-bottle blonde. It’s not so much an aesthetic complaint as it is a concern with the behavior of many women who go that route.

Yeah, Dabbler probably should have predicted that, but it was kind of a last minute gift idea. Dabbler called Cora while she was out taking the mercs to wherever she did, and she swung by Spacener’s Gifts or Hot Topic. They have those in space, for fledgling space goths and people who need whoopee cushions that work in hard vacuum.

Personally I think being a goth in space would be a bad idea. If I worked in space, I’d probably wear day-glo with those reflective stripes joggers have, just in case I got spaced. Obviously I’d have one of those hard vacuum whoopee cushions with me as well I could use as an air supply. I’m just saying, wearing all black in space could have its disadvantages. And yes, in case you were wondering, I did recently catch up on The Expanse.

On a tangential note, I don’t usually pay a whole lot of attention to costuming in TV shows, but damn, if I was Shohreh Aghdashloo (the woman who plays Avasarala in The Expanse and also the mother of every Indian character in every other TV show) I would have had it in my contract that I get to keep my outfits from that show. Her and Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal are well fucking dressed.

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