The most interesting part of doing the comic is being on the other side of that knowledge barrier, if that makes any sense. You know, you’re watching whatever show or reading a comic thinking “I wonder who that is” or “What’s being set up here?” Being the one who knows for a change is odd, especially when I see people speculating on stuff in the comments, like with Math’s name and abilities. Part of me wants to stick my hand up and go “Ooh ooh, I know!” If you frequent the comments you know that I’ll talk a lot about non-spoilery stuff, but I’m always having to weigh whether a piece of information is better to tell now or to show later.  When I used the “ZIP” sound effect on Math’s first appearance, it didn’t occur to me that people would speculate that he’s a speedster. Technically he is, his reflexes are inhuman, he can catch arrows and dodge bullets – managing to grab him is quite a feat, but he can’t outrun a car on the freeway.

I’m not pleased with the action on this page. I don’t think it’s really possible to do decent looking action when you’re cramming it in with… 10 panels? 14? I think when I get to doing proper action I’ll have to do Monday+Thursday posts of pages with no more than 5 or 6 panels on them.

Four different Harems on the same page! It’s a record! Also a PITA to color.  I need to do more panels with her standing next to herself for the cast randomizer in the header, but there are few situations where she benefits from doubling up like that. There are definitely situations where other people would benefit from it though, carrying both ends of a stretcher or… you know, whoever shes dating clearly would benefit from it. If you know what I mean.