Yeah, he just got punched through a cliff two pages ago, but I think this would hurt more. He’s used to getting punched and slamming into things. This is almost certainly a new pain for him, if not an entirely novel experience for a human being in general. Well, in all of the history of humanity, someone has definitely had their radius and ulna wedged apart in a… I’m going to say fencing accident? Not fencing with swords. I’m imagining someone installing a fence and some other guy fell off a roof and got a fence slat wedged into his forearm. That or some peasant has gotten a gladius or a bastard sword slammed through their forearm and then the sword got twisted and then the edges stuck into the bone and the knight is trying to yank it out and the peasant is thinking “This land dispute between noble houses has really gotten out of hand, which is a slightly ironic way to put it because part of my arm and hand just flew off oh god the pain.”

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Finished what I thought was going to be the final chapter, and yeah, the book needs at least one more so I can end on an action scene. Started in on that one, but I’m only like 200 words in. I spent most of the weekend working on the next nudie pic for the monthly Patreon pinup.

August’s vote incentive is up! I know, that thumbnail isn’t so enticing, but I promise, the rest of the picture is worth it.

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