Vehemence must be really bored in prison to stop in a middle of a fight and play ball with Maxima here. Without at least a trickle of violence, he starts getting full body restless leg syndrome, and that’s just for starters. Just like a succubus can’t self-pleasure to gain tantric energy (like there’s not any other reasons to do it) Vehemence can’t punch himself in the face to power up. Now, if he smashes his head through a wall, and that causes sizeable collateral damage, then he can start building power from that, but if he’s not already powered up quite a bit, he can’t do enough damage for a net gain. Just like tantric magic, vehemic magic is much more effective the more people are involved.

For her part, Maxima takes pride in being a flying brick who actually knows a little bit about fighting, but she also likes to cut loose when she gets a chance.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Spent most of the weekend working on the next vote incentive/nudie thing, but I think I’ve figured out the Eye-Q powers of everyone involved for the final fight… unless the final fight is against dinosaurs. No spoilers?

August’s vote incentive is up! I know, that thumbnail isn’t so enticing, but I promise, the rest of the picture is worth it.

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