That first guy definitely knew what he was doing.

So, Frankenstein(‘s monster). Zombie? Flesh golem? Resurrected abomination? If one could reconstruct corpse parts without any external tell-tale signs, then give it the ‘ol lightning treatment, and that guy goes in for a checkup, could a doctor tell? I’m sure an endocrinologist or anyone else who does a deep dive into biological systems could, but the thing these arch mages are  ultimately shooting for is recycling life into an artisanal form and purpose. Yes, there are some… questionable morals in play here. And by questionable, I mean most of these guys are probably sociopaths at best.

Powerful arch-mages, left to their own designs? I mean, Playing God is like a 201 level course for them, and they’re way up there doing post-post-postgrad shit. After all, what’s the point of incredible power if you’re not going to abuse it?

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

The good news, I’m done with my editing pass. Amazingly, I only added roughly 550 words as I went through the book. I know, normally editing is supposed to be cutting out stuff, and some authors have arbitrary rules about cutting 20% of their book to make sure it’s a tight read, but trust me, +550 words is good for me. Honestly I was expecting it to be closer to 5,000.

The bad news is I still haven’t added that last sex scene yet. Also I found that one minor scene I’d written got lost when Scrivener decided not to play nice with Dropbox. Scrivener has some issues syncing sometimes. I don’t think inserting those two scenes will bring me to +5,000 words, but we’ll see.

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