These pages are a bit more challenging to draw than the standard talking heads page. I write them to convey the tale Dabbler is relaying, then when I’m laying out the page and the word bubbles, I realize I don’t know what I’m going to draw to accompany the text. Admittedly, the bit in panels 1-3 made more sense in my head. The joke I was trying to pull there was that programming magic the same way as you’d do machine code is hilariously inefficient, so the “great work” guy reigned over a thousand years of darkness in order to build a “Working Computer in Minecraft” level processor to pull off some basic ass output.

Then I thought that anyone who wasn’t familiar with Minecraft memes or who didn’t take an introductory Apple BASIC programming class in the 80’s might not get the joke and think the pyramid was some kind of A.I. being like the W.O.P.R. (Yes, I grew up in the 80’s.) If you did learn a bit about Apple BASIC, or even spent 20 minutes on it, you’d probably get the joke, because the very first thing you learn to do is get the computer to output, you guessed it, “Hello world.” In fact, if you google “apple basic” that’s the first image result.

Ah, that joke is definitely better now that I’ve exhaustively explained it. So now instead, let’s all just take a moment to think about a Mind Flayer who appreciates a nice fluffy pillow. The sleeping arrangements of chaotic/lawful evil monsters is not something I spend a lot of time on, but I guess my default instinct would be that they probably sleep on a pile of skulls or in a web made from human sinew or in a crypt surrounded by spikes or something scary looking, but who’s to say Mind Flayers aren’t into super comfortable bedding? Granted, I would probably be a little crabby and therefore just a bit more evil if I had to sleep curled up in the sloughing puss of a giant’s chest cavity, not to mention the extra time taken in the evil shower in order to properly de-fester, but I think of my priorities as a creature of evil would be to invent memory foam. And I don’t mean foam made from human brains that can still remember not being foam, either. Well, I guess if I was evil, it wouldn’t matter to me either way as long as it conformed to and supported my contours.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Nothing to report. I had to finish the vote/pinup thing and that put me behind so I spent the weekend finishing comic pages.

November’s vote incentive is updated, in case you missed me posting about it on Friday. Here’s a link to a dedicated post about it if you want to comment.





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