Okay. If I was reading some comic and it took 1,000 pages for them to get around to “where did you get your amazing MacGuffins,” that would strike me as an oversight both on the characters’ part, and the authors. This is definitely something that should have been tackled within an hour of Sydney revealing them. I mean, they should have had her tell them exactly where she got them, and within an hour there should have been surveyors and researchers and archeologists on a plane.

So that’s on me Arc-LIGHT.

In my defense, I kept thinking of other funny stuff and kept forgetting to get around to this.

I’d like to point out that the third “cough” doesn’t have the little splash marks around it, meaning she’s actually saying the word “cough,” which is funny to me and also definitely a sign of innocence.

As many of you pointed out under the previous page, Wearing the Cape 9 is actually out. I’m a dumbass and had the wrong tab open last week when I went to post. So… yay! Another WtC novel!




Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Still getting proofed. God damned hyphens. Or is it ‘God-damned hyphens.’ Because the word ‘hyphens’ is adjectivically modified by ‘damned’ but the damned is modified by ‘god’ and ‘hyphens’ isn’t modified by ‘god.’ Or maybe it is? I honestly don’t know. And if I type ‘a hundred and twenty five’ instead of ‘a hundred and twenty-five’ then surely no one can crack my code. LOOK UPON MY CYPHER YE MIGHTY ENIGMA AND WEEP!

This month’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. One of my own secret agents, Pixel, is trying to assist, with various levels of success and… nudity. Well, in the Patreon versions. The Vote Incentive will give you a pretty good idea of what might go down. Here’s a dedicated post in case you want to comment.

Check out Spying with Lana. Their current vote incentive features a certain gold-plated glamazon. Also it’s a funny comic with tons of skin.

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