Maxima obviously did some googling before her visit. Certainly hit up the wikipedia page for Mozambique at the very least.

Deus feels that the major problems with your typical supervillain plan are threefold. One, the plans are of such scale that they force an immediate response, i.e., holding a city hostage with a nuke. Two, the plans are public. He attributes this to 95% of supervillains having deep seated narcissistic personality disorder. That is, they care more about notoriety than results. The authorities can’t exactly ignore the Joker when he’s taking over the airwaves. Three, they unleash 98% of their plans in New York/Metropolis or whatever Gotham is the analog of. Chicago? I assume Star City is Detroit for some reason. Again, people are going to take note.

But if you get the ball rolling in BFE*, or better yet, 2,500 miles south of E, then there’s literally no one of sufficient authority/military/political strength who can do anything about it. Even if he came out of the chute with the city hostage plan, the average American, European or Pacific Rim politician will probably hear about it in a briefing, but it doesn’t exactly jump to the top of the actionable items queue. Well, okay, if he does it with a rogue nuke, he’ll pull lots of attention, but a swift and conventional military coup seems like de rigueur for that part of the world.

An army that includes Supers, Aliens, and now Demons… well… That’s really pushing the cusp of attention garnering. It’s a fair bet every intelligence agency in the world has their eye on Galytn right now. The thing is, if he spends the next five years building roads and hospitals and schools and laying power cables and internet, a lot of people will probably unclench. The next time he makes a push, then it becomes a pattern, and he’ll probably need to start answering some hard questions.

* I keep forgetting that I have readers abroad and/or ESL readers, so I’ll try and explain colloquialisms when I think about it. BFE stands for “Butt-Fucking Egypt” which basically just means “the middle of nowhere” which is a pretty American, isolationist sort of expression. Egypt being the cradle of civilization, more or less excludes it from being “nowhere.” But it sounds funny, and almost any American knows what it means AFAIK.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

210K words of weapon building, dinosaur fighting, harem satisfying, lumberjacking, moderate diplomacing, bad guy chopping action. Also some humor.

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