Three hundred billion… over ten years, in case you were wondering. The details might come up on a future page, but in case they don’t, I don’t want you guys thinking Deus is trying to grab half the US’s annual defense spending. That would just be greedy.

The “Hung Like a Horse” super soda is the easy joke, but I’m sure most women would be much more interested in the “Makes you Last Exactly as Long as I do Because I’m Tired of Being with 8 Pump Chumps, but Also it’s Kind of Worse When He Gets His Second Wind and 45 Minutes is Seriously Too Much – I mean, Chafing is Never Good but Especially in Certain Places… Well, You Get it.”

Also that wouldn’t fit on the vending machine.

I’m not sure what it says about me that when I was trying to come up with a single comic panel that showed “customizable super powers” my first thought was a vending machine full of perverted shit. I could have spoofed the Captain America zero to hero sarcophagus, or someone looking over a selection of “super” spiders in vials, or someone standing next to a shelf of chemicals with a big tesla coil descending from the ceiling, but no. I went with the Pervert’s Delight Vending Machine.

I don’t think I quite got panel 6 right, but it’s close. The expression is supposed to conjure the sound of Marge Simpson doing one of those long, low grousing mumbles of hers. That or you’re supposed to guess Max is thinking “I will beat the smug right off your giant face.”

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