There’s a fair amount to talk about on this page, but all I want to do is talk about the benefits of bubble mail. Sure, the AC is bad. Like, if the wind blows, the armor starts to disappear. But it comes with a +5 Comeliness bonus. (Or Charisma. I think Comeliness was only included in one edition of D&D.) Then there’s the penalties to being grappled, the bonuses to seduction rolls, and if you change into bubble mail while you’re trying to avoid being tracked, it erases your scent. It probably changes your scent to lilacs or rose hip or whatever the absolute cheapest shit most guys buy smells like. If you’re running through a field of lilacs or “dude chemicals” then that would definitely help. Also, if you equip bubble mail, then put a shirt on over it, then you seriously risk alienating me.

Can I have a tangent here? It bugs the absolute shit out of me when I see people in movies/TV pull a shirt on over wet shoulders. Not damp-but-basically-toweled-off, like their shoulders have been turtle waxed and they have standing beads of water all over their skin. When I do that, (basically never but it has happened) I might as well have a layer of honey on my skin for how much I have to struggle to pull the shirt into place. I assume actors and actresses undergo special training to do this without ripping a tendon in their elbow or tearing open the seams of the shirt.

I’m amused by the idea that Dabbler has been walking around like that since the shower, including the ride on the… helicopter wing aircraft* from the previous page. I guess Maxima was trying to ignore it, but decided she wasn’t going to change her outfit without getting a rise out of her.

Also, Deus has Mass Fabricators. At least now we know what he was doing on Fracture Station.

* Is there a name for planes with rotors built into the wing for VTOL like a helicopter? You see them in sci-fi a lot, like the gunship in the blue cat native Avatar movie (not the dumb Shyamalan disaster). That was really more of a helicopter though. I had a heck of a time googling them. I don’t think they’re aerodynamically advantageous enough to warrant a lot of R&D at the moment.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

210K words of weapon building, dinosaur fighting, harem satisfying, lumberjacking, moderate diplomacing, bad guy chopping action. Also some humor.

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