Yeah, dams and giant shipping container boats don’t really mix. It’s not like you have to get the boats into the middle of a country for them to be useful, but the closer you can get to where you want them before you have to start relying on trains and mac trucks, the faster and cheaper it’s going to be. I don’t think anyone’s ever created a boat lock that can handle one of those mega shipping container boats, but then our world doesn’t have super powers either.

While it’s initially tempting to want to print out an entire jet fighter in one go, there are actually a lot of reasons not to. You still need separate parts and lots of hatches and panels for maintenance. If it’s all one piece, or if the frame is all one piece or something, if it takes significant damage to one wing, then you kind of have to scrap the whole thing. I think there’s a considerable leap between a matter replicator and a handheld “wave it at a broken part and fix it” repair module. The repairer would need to be able to de-replicate broken bits and edges (without causing a fission explosion) and then seamlessly integrate new matter into existing structure. So you still build larger things in parts and assemble them. And honestly, if printing out a jet fighter wing only takes 90 seconds, then it’s probably not too hard to have a stack of spares laying around. Assuming you have a few hundred kilowatt hours to spare.

The answer to “How many replicators could a replicator replicate if a replicator could replicate replicators.” will always either be zero or infinity. Although it the question itself qualifies “if a replicator could replicate replicators,” then the answer is always going to be infinity. Yes, assuming there’s not some dick move software preventing the unit from duplicating itself, but honestly, once you reach a tech level where you have matter replicators, all it takes is one open source project and then all the companies trying to monopolize the technology are donezo. And of course the answer isn’t actually infinity, partially because infinity is not actually a number, but also just general wear and tear means you’ll only get so many out of each unit, even with maintenance, before you’re better off replacing the thing. So I guess the answer is… 42.

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