You would think that force fields would change warfare considerably, but honestly I think at most they would cause a fairly temporary disruption. The first ironclads and tanks probably had a few months of feeling pretty invincible, but really all they did was force someone to invent a better canon or landmine or armor piercing whatsit. A force field is the next step. They just raise the bar higher for anyone on offense, so instead of the lone insurgent being able to take down a blackhawk or whatever with a lucky RPG, now it takes three hits in rapid succession, or five, or two RPG’s followed by a TOW or whatever, depending entirely on the properties of the shield.

It’s got to be wildly demoralizing to score a direct hit on something and not even fuck up the paint job. A lot of people would probably jump straight to movies like War of the Worlds or Independence Day where the shields are effectively invincible. Eventually they’ll figure out how much damage a shield can take, and the problem won’t seem as insurmountable. They’ll be downright surmountable, or I dare say, mountable, especially once people get their hands on the inevitable next generation pew pews.

As many of you mentioned in the comments under the previous page, locks do in fact exist for raising and lowering ships. Thank you to the 270th person to point that out. I’m well aware, and so are Deus and Sydney, but Sydney was trying to picture something compatible with structures like the Hoover Dam. A single lock that could elevate a super shipping container that far in a single go would be a far more impressive engineering feat than the dam itself. It would be possible to do in a series of enormous yet shallower locks, but at a certain point, it’s probably more efficient to offload the ship, move the shipping containers up an elevator, and reload them on another ship that just travels between locks, or really, once you get to that point, just stick ’em on a train.

And yes, you can totally get power out of a river without having to build something as crazy as the Hoover. A series of smaller dams is probably geographically much more realistic for the Zambezi anyway. It’s just when you’re talking about dams around Sydney, the first and probably only thing she’s going to picture is the Hoover dam. She’s not especially worldly or well traveled, and the Hoover dam has been blown up and earthquaked in movies plenty of times, so that’s her mental image of a dam.

Man, it is so hard to type “dam” without typing “damn” and then having to erase the “n.” I guess I don’t have that much cause to talk about dams that much online.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

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