Four hours of flying and blasting is a pretty good workout for Max. It actually pushed her limits really hard at the time, and took her a few days to recover. Firing off about 900 energy blasts in that time frame really burned a lot of… superhero calories, or whatever they use. She had to eat a lot of Superion field afterwards. Or however that works. There are still plenty of mysteries left to solve.

Can Maxima get road rash? If she’s prioritizing flight and energy beams with her power pool and flying around in a 200 MPH sandstorm, then yeah. She can wind up not shiny for a few weeks. Also covered in little hair thin blue scabs for the first few days.

It really speaks to how distracted Max is that she’s just going to put “I trust you.” out there to Sydney. She does, honestly. Max knows Sydney isn’t going to intentionally cause an incident… probably. It’s just, when you’re in another country, and you are a weapon of mid-middle to lower-upper destruction, there are ways to get into a lot of trouble without meaning to real quick.

Lower-Low Class Destruction is “You call that Destruction?”
Middle-Lower is “Woo Hoo! That Done Blowed Up Real Good Destruction”
Upper-Lower is “Oh Damn! Everybody Scatter Destruction”
Lower-Mid is “A Whole Lotta Destruction”
Middle-Mid is “A Heapin’ Helping of Destruction”
Upper-Mid is “Soooo, So Much Destruction”
Lower-Upper is “I’d Be Impressed if I Wasn’t So Horrified At All This Destruction”
Middle-Upper is “Despite My Horror, I am Super Impressed By All This Destruction”
Upper-Upper is “Mass Destruction”

I looked at Afghanistan on google world before drawing this page, and no joke, the country is like 90% sand and mountains. It’s like the western, tail end of the Himalayas. It’s like all low, sandy mountains, then one big blob of desert in the south. Really not an ideal place to fight a sand-based supervillain.

The June Vote Incentive is up! What’s that dripping down Sydney’s face? Uh… well, actually, clicking on the link won’t actually give it away necessarily, cause the thumbnail is from one of the, er, advanced pictures in the series, if you take my meaning. Yes, I mean there is a nude version of Sydney (and guest) over at the Patreon version.



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