Getting cornered by a succubus at a party is like “Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Orgasms?” They might not phrase it quite like that, but you can bet the conversation will eventually veer toward the topic of how every medically capable adult should maximize their orgasm potential.

In my head, the comic all plays out like a movie, and breaking it all down into a succinct and clearly illustrated comic page is still a skill I’m working on. I mostly blame my struggles on the amount I put on each page. Maybe one day I’ll just make every page a double page, but limit myself to 10 panels across both pages, as most comic pages average around 5 panels to each page? Anyway, I point this out because there’s a lot going on in panel 7 and I just wanted to break it down a little. Obviously Dabbler is proselytizing physical hedonism into Krona’s ear, but what’s hard to see is that Krona is using her hack panel to tweak her own personal arousal stats, and more importantly, setting up a sympathetic arousal link to Leon, so basically if one of them is in the mood, then they both are, in an attempt to limit “headaches” and “tiredness” and “but video games!” etc. Ideally I would have had a close up panel of her hack screen making her tweaks clearer.

Edit: To clarify, this link is one way for now. I should have made that clearer. If nothing else, she’s concerned about a feedback loop if it was two way. Not impossible to deal with, it’d just take more work that a few tweaks at a party while she’s lightly buzzed.

Mozambique/Galytn is seven hours ahead of the U.S. Central Standard timezone, so… I guess Sydney and Co left Archon HQ in the mid to late but not quite getting dark PM, and flew through the night, and arrived over there in the early AM? I’m not sure what time it is here now, but let’s say… 3 am? Honestly, 3 am doesn’t seem all that late to me. I don’t stay up that late very often these days but it’s still known to happen if I’ve got a good book or the rare engaging video game. I guess I think of 4 am as properly late. To me, 4 am is a late as it can be before it starts to get ‘early,’ if that makes sense.

Archon HQ is a 24 hour establishment, but they do turn off half the lights in most places after… I dunno. 12 am?

The June Vote Incentive is up! What’s that dripping down Sydney’s face? Uh… well, actually, clicking on the link won’t actually give it away necessarily, cause the thumbnail is from one of the, er, advanced pictures in the series, if you take my meaning. Yes, I mean there is a nude version of Sydney (and guest) over at the Patreon version.



Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like.