“Hey Goose, how did you know those guys were full of weird, crunchy particles, indicating they might be some sort of expendable duplicate?”
“Oh……… ‘Kay.”

So yeah, the guys in the brown armor are actually a guy in brown armor, named “The Goon Squad.” I felt like that might have been used before for a hench duplicator, (cause it seems kind of obvious) but I couldn’t find anything with a quick googling. I also asked Marion Harmon of Wearing the Cape fame, cause I know he’s got some duplicators in his novels (and google isn’t going to return results about stuff like that unless someone has a comprehensive wikipedia listing novelized super powers) but his duplicators are named Platoon and Flash Mob.

Honestly, the knife to the back of the knee would probably be more painful, right? Sure, six bayonets (AKA Bowie knives) through the liver would hurt a lot, but not for very long, especially what happens next.

Unlike Harem, he can tell you what it’s like when one of his dupes dies. Or maybe not? We see them die here, or just… cease functioning, but the full scope of his capabilities haven’t been explored yet. Those of you complaining that the guys who got harpooned on Digit’s page didn’t leave any blood splatter, now you know why. As for Digit (and definitely Goose) being psychopaths… I mean… that’s probably valid?

Also, why was Goose just hanging out in the armory at 4 am? Probably over-sharpening the knives until they’re ground down to the size of mini-golf pencils.

Before anyone goes and throws up some sweet Princess Bride quotes, remember that Fezzik was on the Brute Squad, not the Goon Squad. It’s possible that Goon Squad may or may not have a brother with a power set making it likely that he would call himself Brute Squad. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

The July Vote Incentive is… still up! As usual, the new one is basically done but I’m adding some outfit variants, so I’ll have it up with the Thursday comic.

This is an unusual incentive because it started life as a panel from the comic. A few people thought it was a good pose to turn into a nude version, and I agreed. It was originally intended to be a stopgap pinup while I finished the one I’d started on for this month, but I got caught up in shiny skin and various bits of anatomy and alternate outfits so I’ll just leave this one as the July incentive. The advantage being that I have a head start on next month’s so… maybe it won’t be late?

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