That guy she put the beat down on will probably still claim he got to second base with her.

“Well, then she took off her bra…”
“And then her bra… uh, touched my face…”
“That’s not really second base.”
“It still counts!”

Harem’s combat comms might lack a certain level of professionalism and/or urgency, but as far as anyone knows, she is an unbreakable relay. If one of her of off base, there’s no way to shut down Archon coms. Well, short of blacking out a whole city. Even if you knock out the power for a dozen blocks, she’s a teleporter, so she can pop down the street in like 12 seconds and find a working cell tower, so you’d have to take down hundreds of square miles to really slow her down.

And if you’re planning on knocking out the off-base Harem, then she instantly knows she’s been attacked. I almost wrote “the rest of her knows she’s been attacked,” but that reinforces the idea that she’s multiple people. There’s one of her, but it’s confusing because she can do 5 things at once, seemingly totally independently. At least until things (AKA stimulus) get too intense.

So seriously, of all the people at Arc-SWAT, the one I’d least want to fight is Harem. I mean if I was a Spider-Man level villain. Sure, it’d suck to get crushed by someone like Math, but at least you’d be like “That guy is an amazing fighter and I don’t feel bad getting beaten by him.” But against Harem, she can teleport, so it’d be like fighting Nightcrawler, but there’s 5 of her, so it’d be like fighting 5 Nightcrawlers, who are all perfectly coordinated. Wiff a punch through some empty space she used to occupy and suddenly you’re getting kicked in the back of the head and the knees and as you’re spinning one of her TP’s above you for a double foot stomp on your hips and it’s not like she can’t go and grab some pepper spray or brass knuckles while three of her kick the shit out of you.

The only disadvantage she has in a fight is that if you do manage to connect, then there’s a decent chance that all of her will go reeling, but there’s really nothing preventing her from TPing 20 feet away while she recovers to prevent you from capitalizing on any possible advantage. Even worse, if you manage to knock one of her out by rattling the brains in one of her skulls… she’s still conscious, so she can de-teleport that body and you can’t use it as a hostage.

The July Vote Incentive is up! This is an unusual incentive because it started life as a panel from the comic. A few people thought it was a good pose to turn into a nude version, and I agreed. It was originally intended to be a stopgap pinup while I finished the one I’d started on for this month, but I got caught up in shiny skin and various bits of anatomy and alternate outfits so I’ll just leave this one as the July incentive. The advantage being that I have a head start on next month’s so… maybe it won’t be late?

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