When Jiggawatt teleports through wiring, it’s often really bad for the wires, unless she’s traveling through industrial grade power lines. 12-14 gauge residential wiring is not rated for 1 Jiggawatt, much less 1.21, and it’s a good idea to replace it if she has to hop through something that weedy.

Jiggawatt’s power stunt is to basically just put a steady current through the wire there so the signal has a path to piggyback on. Like firing a laser a millisecond before your railgun slug exits the barrel. She can alter her amps and volts and hertzes so she was able to find a combo that gently cradled the 5G signal up to Harem.

The main problem with having an inconspicuous evil lair is that you can’t post expendable guards all over the place or surround it with fortifications and trenches and dogs that shoot barbed wire when they bark. Really the best you can do is put up a non-suspicious amount of security cameras and maybe have people on your payroll who loiter around outside looking like they’re not keeping watch.

Well, the ascender base is under a parking garage which is attached to a building in a business park somewhere. Arc-SWAT didn’t exactly buzz the place with the Osprey, they flew in low, landed like 5 miles away and hoofed it to the back side of the parking garage through sparse forest. Luckily the team brought their wire-chewing trained squirrel… okay not really, but flying above a camera and turning it to alter the area it covers probably won’t be noticed right away unless someone’s looking at the monitor right when it happens. Well, or if they’re using an old CRT for the monitor and the coverage image is burned into the screen. It’s safe to assume that’s not likely the case these days for most systems, though I have no doubt there are still some CRTs out there with so much burn-in that you could turn the monitor off and no one would notice.

The November Vote Incentive is still up!

I was down at my parents last week which meant I didn’t have an opportunity to work on the new incentive. I’m working on one that’s… fine? I guess I’m a little lukewarm on how it’s turning out. It’ll be better if I can do a few more pieces to accompany it, so I have to weigh trying to do that or attempting to start and finish a separate piece this weekend.

I went a little simpler with the art this time, which is to say I didn’t add like 9 passes of lighting and detail work. I wasn’t trying to chintz out on the time input or anything, I’d been browsing around ArtStation since I like torturing myself with all the amazing art there, and found a few people who do nice clean styles that are more Arcane (the League of Legends Netflix show) than Love, Death and Robots, and by LD&R I mean the ones that are like “Look at how realistic our skin textures are!” and not the ones that are more Pixar-y or just like 2D cell art or whatever.

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