Harem should use the map to find the Info Desk, where she can ask about the secret backdoor used to sneak the rest of the team in.

It makes sense that if you’re designing the Death Star, it’s a reasonable bet that you won’t get a lot of interlopers running around in the halls, so some maps on the walls making it easy to find things probably isn’t going to compromise security. Well, as long as you don’t advertise the location of the secret self destruct button or anything like that. But even marking out where the Emperor’s personal restroom is located, or the main reactor chamber won’t really compromise security because even in a “secure” base, there’s going to be people guarding important areas.

That’s probably a pretty cushy job, guarding a thing in a secret and/or impermeable base, because there’s really nothing to do… right up until there is something to do, when the base does get infiltrated, and that’s when you get strangled by an extension cord from behind and your corpse is used to jam up the gears on the thing that keeps the base from exploding.

Of course, if you’re the guy guarding the Emperor’s private bathroom, then you know that the Leftenant in charge of your squad is going to be a real hard-ass because he thinks keeping anyone else from ever using that restroom is his ticket to a promotion and failing that simple task means he’s gonna get force choked.

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I went a little simpler with the art this time, which is to say I didn’t add like 9 passes of lighting and detail work. I wasn’t trying to chintz out on the time input or anything, I’d been browsing around ArtStation since I like torturing myself with all the amazing art there, and found a few people who do nice clean styles that are more Arcane (the League of Legends Netflix show) than Love, Death and Robots, and by LD&R I mean the ones that are like “Look at how realistic our skin textures are!” and not the ones that are more Pixar-y or just like 2D cell art or whatever.

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