Let’s celebrate arbitrary round numbers! Human nature! Woo!

Okay, seriously though, I’m kind of amazed we’re here. It’s not something I’d really given a lot of thought when I started this comic. Though I will say I thought it was at least possible, because I name my files “GP” followed by four digits, which means I’ll have to wrap up the comic before page 9,999, or else the computer will sort them weird and my OCD won’t put up with that.

I know this is almost definitely not how most military graduations go. I wasn’t sure where everyone would stand and, look, I did pull up a few on youtube, but they’re incredibly boring to watch. There was only so much marching up and down the square I was prepared to subject myself to. It only took me about 5 minutes of research to decide to skip 99% of that stuff in the comic, as it’s all very definition of stiff and formal, and there’s no room for anything humorous to happen without it coming across as disrespectful.

The other major factor here is Archon’s domestic presence and media spotlight. The fact they’re a new branch means they can streamline the pageantry and put as much emphasis as they want on the graduates themselves.

Sydney fell behind the other recruits due to her space adventures, but it was important from the public relations/perception angle that she graduate alongside everyone else, especially because she’s basically the most famous member of the team with the possible exception of Maxima. So Sydney’s been doing a little extra work here and there, getting some tutoring, etc., and has passed all her qualifications, even if some were by the skin of her teeth. (coughPTcough) Some of her written tests, like street level application of the law as it relates to supers is slightly more pending, but it’s not like she’s going to be unsupervised in the field anyway. Barring any additional encounters with wormholes.

I didn’t draw Ren and Vance, (who is still on the team even though I haven’t drawn him in like 700 pages) in the lineup, cause I was thinking like that panel cut to them as the general is reading along the list of graduates, but it just kind of looks like just the 4 girls are graduating. Oh well.

Unrelated, has anyone done a mashup of Snap’s “The Power” with Stan Bush’s “The Touch?” Cause it seems like that should exist.

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re into that stuff.

Here’s to 1,000 more pages!

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Yup. Still working on it.

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