Heh, okay, so a lot of you guys spotted For Whom The Death Tolls immediately on the last page. I mean, he wasn’t hiding, I guess I was banking on the fact that there’s a bunch of other people with hoods and masks, and the skull mask wouldn’t make him stand out so much. I guess putting him back in a red hood and cloak was a bit of a giveaway.

Unfortunately, the fact that so many people recognized him right off will make Jiggawatt’s actions seem tactically… well, dumb. But as I said, there’s a bunch of bad guys with hoods and they all have different masks, and the number of people who can take even a moderately powerful arc of electricity is fairly low, so it’s not the worst opening move. Granted, it’s a little predictable for the person named Jiggawatt to always toss out lightning bolts, but it’s not like chucking a flashbang in the 25×60 cinder block room would have been great for the hostages. Presumably these three are upper-echelon Ascenders, so pulling her sidearm probably isn’t a significant threat either. If they weren’t wearing masks, some chemical mace would probably have been a respectable and somewhat unpredictable opener. But when you can pump out a few terawatts, it probably feels pretty good to cut lose when you get the chance.

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