Bassy harp noise, AKA V’YGR.

I’m not sure solid metal bars would quite make that noise, especially if they were bracketed in a frame like the cell bars are, but eh, I needed some sound effect. Bending prison bars across a hall like that would be pretty loud. Famously, the laser blasts in Star Wars were produced by whacking inch-thick steel cables with a wrench, then speeding them up a bit and probably mixing that sound with some other stuff, so I stick by my bassy harp noise.

Having Varia’s powers would be weird. Constantly changing from being on fire to being a normal if somewhat tall and fit woman to being metal and super heavy and strong to knowing where birds are to having telekinetic control over dairy products. It probably took her a long time to remember to double check herself before she touched something hot or jumped off a balcony or leaned into a punch when she’s not touching someone else. The constant ping-ponging would be frustrating. There is an aspect to her power where she gets a sense of what her gestalt power is, but still, there was definitely an adjustment period where she got hurt a lot because she would get used to a power, then let go of that person and 10 minutes later slam her hand in a door because she forgot she wasn’t crush resistant anymore.

Imagine her dreams. Normal humans have dreams where we try to run but can’t go very fast (I get them where I can’t quite coordinate how far forward to lean so my feet keep slipping out from under me and I can’t build up any speed.) Varia’s dreams probably involve not being able to do anything. Like she’s dreaming that she can control marshmallows only she can’t quite make it work, or she can’t remember how to breathe water or she can fly but all she can do is swim through the air and it’s really inefficient no matter how she cups her hands to pull at the air. Man that would suck. I would start taking anti-Freddy Krueger pills so that I didn’t dream anymore.

Here’s where I assure you I’m working on the January vote incentive. I have a weird amount of choice paralysis when I’m trying to decide on what to draw, like if I come up with something particularly sexy, then it doesn’t always lend itself to multiple outfit variants. I tend to default to wanting to draw Maxima or Dabbler, maybe Anvil, Varia, and Jabberwokky tend to be my next choice, but then I realize I ought to represent the A-Cup squad at semi-regular intervals. So at the moment I’m working on two separate incentive pics. One is a Maxima, one is a mixed cup size ensemble. I’m pretty sure I’ll use both, it just comes down to which one is furthest along in the next week.

The December Vote Incentive is still up!

Please enjoy Cora in a workout outfit. Variant outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon, as well as a comic to put it all in context. Spoiler, Cora’s ship is like a Roman orgy most of the time.

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