“The Auger” is what they call the minigun with the bayonets on it. They used to call it “The Augur,” but explaining how “If you see someone pointing it at you, then portents of your future trend negative.” required too much explanation, so they switched to calling it The Auger instead.

A lot of the Ascenders were taken down off camera with by the numbers breaching tactics. Flashbangs followed by blitzkrieg takedowns. If you’re not fighting a guy with tough skin or force fields, guns are still pretty fantastically useful against supers. It does bug me a little in comics when someone casually dodges a hail of gunfire to kick three thugs in the face, and sure, when Daredevil knocks out the lights and does it, that makes sense because no one can see outside of muzzle flashes, and I will grant that if someone can literally jump over people and reverse directions by bouncing off of walls and beams, I can excuse the average thug for not being able to hit a guy in those circumstances. Average thugs are, by definition, average. They’ve probably shot guns before, probably quite a bit at a gun range, maybe played some paintball, maybe even broke a guy’s knees with a bat, then put one in his head before kicking him into Gotham Bay. What the average thug hasn’t done is graduated from the Army Ranger School, or weren’t poached from the SEALS or SOF. They likely haven’t seen combat.

What bothers me is when Joe Superhero routinely wades through a fully lit room of “elite” AIM/HYDRA/HAND soldiers with advanced weapons when the heroes themselves are basically just martial artists. Sure, the heroes are the cream of the cro, but part of being a better fighter is using superior tactics. That’s why the Arc-SWAT people flashbang a room, put a three round burst into every knee in the room, (both of which make it difficult to focus on using superpowers), and anyone who doesn’t go down gets rushed by Achilles, Mr. Amorphous, Heatwave, Ren, Hiro, etc, while the soldiers knock out and secure everyone screaming about their missing kneecaps.

Being a Super who uses their powers to commit crimes subjects you to a new set of… artisanal laws that are rather a bit more punitive than the vanilla stuff. Being a rich asshole who hangs out with supervillains doesn’t subject you those particular laws. However, being a rich asshole who funds supervillains…? I’m not sure where this puts them. Accessory to, for sure. They’ll probably land somewhere in the middle.

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Kat, you remember, the newly minted were-hare? Well, someone forgot to give her a copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Were-Margaret.” She has questions is what I’m saying.

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