Yes, Maxima can metabolize an incredible amount of alcohol. So much for a low-key start to her evening.

Max has literally never been an adult and looked inconspicuously human. She knows how they’re supposed to act, but she’s always been the center of attention one way or another. Let’s see what happens.

If you had super strength or telekinesis, etc., the temptation to “create parking opportunities” for yourself would be real. Especially if some jackass is parked crooked or is taking up multiple spaces. You’d be morally obligated to relocate that car into a tree or next to a fire hydrant.

I actually had planned on a whole page of Max driving around until I realized I’d be condemning myself to drawing not just her car, but a whole bunch of other cars blocking her access to parking. I can draw a car if I have good reference, but I’m not one of those artists that lives for drawing cars and/or mecha. Like there’s no way Shuichi Shigeno, the artist responsible for Initial D, wasn’t super into drawing cars before he set out to create that manga. I can assure you neither this or any other comic I work on will heavily feature cars. Unless I somehow become an expert at Blender.

The May vote incentive is finally up! Digit has some new and exciting tech to show off, as well as some other things, albeit inadvertently.

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