Maxima is good at taking hits, but is terrible at getting hit on. You can tell she’s actively dreading it in that first panel.

The first and third guy don’t really deserve any consideration, IMO, but the second guy? I don’t know, he wasn’t being actively trite or disrespectful… I think? I personally have zero experience as the hitter, and very little as the hittee, so I may not be the best judge of that sort of thing. However, immediately getting defensive about her height when guys can be downright brittle about such things shows that Max still has her deflector fields at full power. As mentioned previously, she has no experience doing this as a “normal” woman, but even without her weird skin and hair, it’s still obvious Max isn’t a normal woman.

At least the third guy looks like he might be a bit taller than her? I can say Max isn’t necessarily one of those women who’s all, “You must be at least 6 feet tall to ride this ride,” but I can’t say exactly what she does look for in a guy because she probably hasn’t quite figured that out herself. That’s not to say she’s never slept with anyone, she has, but the few guys she’s been with tend to be competent, honorable, and quietly confident. Any hint of narcissism outside of jokey self-aggrandizement is as repellent to her as Axe Body spray, which is one reason  (of several) Deus has so much trouble holding her interest.

On a side note, I would be a terrible woman. I’m told that by and large, women are attracted to confident guys, but I have a great deal of difficulty distinguishing between confidence and narcissism/douchiness. I think it’s just a matter of degrees, really, but narcissism is one of my least favorite attributes in people, so my threshold  between confidence/overconfidence is probably several standard deviations lower than usual. I guess if I was a woman, I’d have to hope I was into guys that when you say, “Omigosh, you’re so good at X,” they get all goofy and bashful, cause if they came back with “Baby, I’m the fucking best at X.” I’d have to throw a red card.

Then they’d be all “No, really, I’m Shaun White, I have multiple Gold Medals in snowboarding!” and I’d be all “I said good day, sir!” And his friends would be like, “How’d it go?” and he’d be all “I don’t think she believed me. I guess I could go and get my gold to show her, but that seems like an insane amount of work to impress some girl who’s tucked into the corner reading on her Kindle instead of being the least bit extroverted at this huge crazy party where someone like multiple Gold Medalist Shaun White would attend, especially when there’s like twenty women here who are throwing themselves at me.” And his friends would be all, “You’re going to go get your medals, aren’t you?” And Sean White’s all, “Well it fucking bothers me!” Then he’d show up with his medals, and I’d immediately be super suspicious, like “Why are you trying so hard to impress me? Aren’t you famous? Did you make a bet with your friends that you could pull the nerd girl in the corner? Fine, I’ll pretend to go on a date with you, but I get half your winnings.”

Apparently I would be a suspicious, cynical and mercenary nerdy introvert as a woman. Anyway, Max is bad at guys! Let’s watch.

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