Max’s problem with having a mundane evening is that her car has 700 horsepower and she’s used to casually breaking the sound barrier, so yeah, she has a bit of a lead foot. Or whatever her foot is made of. No, she wasn’t actually going 165 when she was pulled over, but she was going more than 10 over for sure. Normally a 2010 Shelby GT-500 only clocks about 500 HP, but she lets the Arc-SPARQ nerds maintain, tinker, and drive the thing when she’s not using it, so they’ve tuned it up a bit. Possibly totally replaced the engine and transmission. For fun. Because that’s how they do.

Max’s requirements for her “secret identity” was that the first name be gender neutral, and the first/last name combo not be a porn or stripper name. It was her specificity that doomed her. She actually likes the name Harper Lux. It kind of sounds like a superhero’s mundanonym. Mundanym? Somebody either with light powers or… I guess someone who plays a harp? Like an angel or a pied piper situation. Only it’d be like, uh… The Hued Harper. “Pied” means multicolored apparently. As in “Magpie,” which are two-tone birds. They actually look three toned to me, but I guess from a distance they look starkly black and white. Evidently the term “pied” came to mean “two colored,” not necessarily black and white, and from there evolved into just meaning “multicolored,” until it basically totally stopped being used in any form except in the tale of the Pied Piper. But I digress. If that cop was more on the ball, he might be suspicious that “Harper” seemed surprised by her own middle name, but this guy is just out there meeting his quota, and doesn’t care that someone is driving around in a really nice car with a probably fake but professionally done I.D.

I forgot to draw the seatbelt in every panel until I was almost done with the page. And yes, I know normally, a seatbelt would fall between a woman’s breasts, but that would mess up the point of the first panel, which was the Fuzz getting a solid downblouse on Max and immediately deciding to act like an ass. Normally Max is courteous and professional with law enforcement, at least the ones that are themselves professional. She has some strong opinions about those who act otherwise, but she’s trying to stay low key tonight, which means gritting her teeth and bearing it, since there’s basically no recourse for police who act unprofessionally. She’s definitely going to memorize this guy’s badge number for later, though.

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