Max is supposed to be more attractive than I can realistically draw her. Really, all the super women (and men) are, but for Max especially, she’s at that “constant problem for her both privately and professionally” level, which also would help a lot with readers understanding her short temper with inappropriate male attention, which bleeds over into, as we saw a hint of on the last page, appropriate male attention.

Dating is a zero sum game given that there technically are a finite number of humans, compounded by prevailing opinions about monogamy. Sure, more humans are being born all the time, and there’s a constant flow entering the dating pool, but that doesn’t change the finite quality of human numbers. In a bar with, I dunno, ~40 people in it, the issue is more starkly apparent. It’s still no excuse to be a jerk about it.

Do women use the number system? I know they’re fully aware of it, but as it is unavoidably rude, I assume women don’t use it. At least not out loud. They’ll certainly talk shit behind someone’s back, usually in far more detail than the broad brush of a single digit allows, but I don’t think they use number rankings like men do. Well, they do in the Grrl-verse. Or at least this chick does.

I sometimes wonder if women experience an unspoken pecking order like this. I mean, sure, guys probably do as well, I suppose, but I’ve never hung out with Pierce Brosnan or David Beckham or Idris Elba when they were all in their primes, but I’m sure when you’re at a party and Hugh Jackman or Henry Cavill or Jamie Foxx walks in, you’re like, “Well, there goes roughly 85% of all the female attention.” Still, I assume it’s worse for women, because a guy generally has to be not just good looking, but also famous and successful and rich to pull that much attention, but a woman can “just” be super hot and she’ll cause guys to walk into poles and crash their cars.

Like you’re at a club with your female cohort and some chick walks in looking like Monica Bellucci in her absolute prime and suddenly all the guys are staring at her like they’re a bunch of lions looking at the last gazelle on the Serengeti, I assume you’re like, “Potato skins? Anyone want some potato skins? I’m going to order some instead of watching that chick slip around on all their drool.” Not that there’s no entertainment in watching a bunch of dudes’ IQ’s slip twenty point all at once, but if you’re there looking for someone to enjoy your evening with, it can also be a little disheartening. I assume.

Of course this is a huge oversimplification as everyone has their own preferences (writes a guy who hit puberty in the 80’s and was weaned on superhero comics and Heavy Metal Magazine and Boris Vallejo posters and bodybuilding magazines.) We all have our thing. Certainly not every guy is going to think he’d have any chance with her, but still I feel like there’d be a shift.

I had to simplify the coloring a bit with this page and probably the next few. There’s a lot of characters on these pages and they keep moving around and doing things, the jerks.

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