Eagle eyed readers will realize that on the prior page, Sydney and Parfait were nearly at the end of Dead Alive, and now they’re like 25% of the way through when the priest starts Kung-Fu-ing on the zombies/ghouls. My excuse for that is that they talked over the movie so much that they decided to go back and watch a few of the good scenes over again. And that is definitely one of the best scenes in any zombie movie.

If I was a girl who was the kind of girl who bought stealthy girl toys for girls, I would definitely get the kind that could hum along to the beat of whatever my phone was playing. It’d probably make me listen to more music. I suspect EDM would work best for that, especially if it’s the kind of songs with the big drop a few times. That or just organ music. Partially because of the pun, but also good organ music really lays into those low notes. You can’t tell me the organ version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida wouldn’t get you there.

Maybe they even have a setting that makes it respond to treble instead of bass, then you could listen to ASMR videos and get tingles from both ends.

If you’re wondering, Sydney is not the kind of girl who buys that kind of toy. Sure, she has a vibrator. I am informed with some authority that every woman owes it to themselves to own a vibrator, but Sydney’s is just the plain Jane cigar holder model. She’s hovered her mouse over the crazier models, even perused the Bad Dragon site a few times, but never pulled the trigger on any of that stuff. She knows she’d be mortified if someone found her regular one, and she thinks she’d just combust on the spot if there were nubs and swirling things.

The July vote incentive is finally up! There was a disagreement about digitigrade and plantigrade leg configurations. What better way to resolve it than a race?

And in the Patreon variant, what better way to resolve it than a nude race? You know, to eliminate uh… wind drag I guess?



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