That awkward morning after. Except it’s not the morning after, it’s like, 30 minutes after. And everyone you work with is there, and they’ve all got sex hair and there’s more than one person with their shirt on inside out. At least no one is giving a presentation in their underwear.

Yes, I know there were already a few comments with the Hulk reference on the page with Math and Jabber getting down, but like, I’m not going to use it too? Yeah, you called it. Some people are asexual, some people are Math. And apparently Jabberwokky. Maybe to a lesser extent. Like all things, it’s a spectrum. If the average person’s sex drive is a 5, Jabber is an 8, Math is around 9.5. Succubi can’t really be measured on the human scale. It’s different for them. It’s obviously super high, but it’s also like hunger. They need to eat, and it affects not just their number, but the spectrum itself, and it if gets bad enough, it starts affecting the numbers of people around them. But that brings us back around to discussions of free will.

I know some people are finding this storyline a little squicky, which really wasn’t the intent. What Parfait did wasn’t malicious or even intentional – which doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences, but I certainly can’t guarantee this will all play out to everyone’s satisfaction. I mean, obviously nothing that starts of with a lust aura incident could possibly have a satisfactory conclusion for everyone. It’s just too serious of a topic for some people, for any number of reasons.

The whole comic is supposed to be that slice of life, lighter side of being a superhero. Obviously sometimes there have to be villains who do pretty terrible things, but I try not to dwell on that stuff. I just need enough to show “this person is bad and here’s a reason we have to stop them.” The comic isn’t and will never be “The Boys.” I watched a season of that and, honestly I found it to dark to be enjoyable. It certainly had its moments, but I had that uneasy feeling that, yeah, this is unfortunately what it would probably be like if Supers were real. There’d be this honeymoon period (assuming we didn’t instantly go the X-Men/hunt them all down route) but before long it’d be like how it seems every few weeks now some once beloved actor gets exposed as a pedo or domestic abuser or QANON conspiracy moron. I mean, it’s bad enough when someone is just a rich asshole, my utter lack of faith in humanity tells me that if there were people out there who “saved a thousand lives today” then some of them would absolutely be able to justify doing literally anything they wanted. Like what does it matter if my basement is waist deep in murdered cheerleaders? I kept a cruise ship from sinking and saved 5,000 people. Worse still, there would absolutely be people who would defend their favorite superhero’s predilection for cheerleader disposal because of “how much good they do.”

So, yeah. That’s not this comic.

The August vote incentive is up! Yeah I know it’s late, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some bonus (read: overdue) incentives up as I attempt to catch up.

Oh no! Sydney’s been injured! A Wampa may or may not have been involved, I’ll leave the exact nature of the incident up to you. It’s not relevant to the picture. And before you’re like “Dave, Bandaged Rei is one thing, but floating unconscious in a bacta tank is probably an even narrower fetish.” just check the picture out.

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