I tried to make Dabbler’s grades accurately reflect her personality. She’s one of those “bored with school for normals” types. Edging? Boring. Hurry up, I have other stuff to do. Calligraphy? Who cares. I only need to be neat enough to inscribe enchantments. Sexy Cooking? Okay, that’s kind of fun, plus who doesn’t like cupcakes? The only reason she didn’t get an A+ in Assassination is that she refuses to be subtle. It’s loud and there’s often collateral damage, but she always gets her target. Which, is usually like a bag of flour that students doing Home-Ec at the local high-school have to carry around like it’s a baby. Stuff like that. Yeah, in Demon High, you have to worry about succubus assassins coming for your flour baby. Succubi who are in their 3rd year and have show promise can start to take real contracts so long as it doesn’t interfere with their other school work.

Once a succubus accepts a collar, asking her “Hey, did you do that willingly?” or “Are you being treated well?” or any other question along those lines isn’t productive, since her master can order her to lie. There are a few people in the succubus hierarchy who can circumvent this problem, however. The Arch-Matriarchs obviously can, but don’t themselves often involve themselves in the affairs of the newly collared. Not that they’re too good for such a task, in fact their whole deal is protecting their race from subjugation and abuse. They’re just wildly outnumbered. A few of them do feel the task is beneath their direct involvement, after all, a well fed succubus who is also an accomplished sorceress can live for a very long time. They’re not immortal, but the churn is very slow, and being treated essentially like a queen and arch-mage for a thousand years can make anyone start to forget about “the little people.” That’s why the newest/youngest arch-matriarchs are always given the role of Defender of the Race.

They have a virtual army of field personnel that conduct regular interviews with newly collared succubi, and those people have special artifacts that are capable of allowing a succubus to disobey her master while she’s equipped with it. In addition, concerned individuals can bring a succubus before the Electio Striga (I’m sure I butchered the latin there, because, you know, Latin. (Apparently you have to conjugate every god-damned word in Latin sentences.) Electio Striga is supposed to say something like “Selection Witches” which is just slang for the real term for the organization anyway.) But hauling a succubus before the Striga rarely produces results, as most cases are like this, where someone is butthurt they didn’t get what they wanted. Brelx is courting disaster here, because the Striga don’t like their time being wasted by entitled whiners. There are… fines. Brelx is belligerent, but he may have some political pull or another angle to try and pull this off – if he can get Parfait away from her summoner.

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