Even if this cohort of school chums really haven’t done their research on the current state of Earth/Supers/Maxima/The Mighty Halo, you’d think they’d be clued in by Sydney’s seeming utter lack of concern about throwing down against six demons. But then again, maybe in their overconfidence, they assume she’s the one being overconfident. Really, one of the defining qualities of overconfidence is a lack of self-awareness, or at the very least, self-assessment.

Hmm. Well, I guess it’s really a lack of holistic assessment. Since all things are relative, competent self-assessment is nearly useless if you don’t factor in your opponent. Sure, maybe you’re the best fighter on your planet until Frieza and Boros show up to tag team you.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

Well, Dabbler is doing her Dabbler things, and the Patreon version has a nude variant and a comic that… I don’t know, expounds on the goings on of the initial picture?



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