Lost power at the house so I had to go to extreme measures to get this comic posted. By which I mean leaving the house with the laptop.

Really the takeaway from this page is that Anvil was a good choice to deal with Atomic Bombshell since her bombs are pure kinetic force for the first fraction of a second before they ignite the air and do all the cool looking fire stuff. That’s the technical term for roiling clouds of flame. Cool looking fire stuff. Since they’re just energy bombs, there’s no shrapnel to hit Anvil either. She can suck most of the kinetic energy out bullets and shrapnel and the like, but they move fast enough that her power can’t totally sap them, so she’s not totally immune to that stuff. She has minimal resistance to energy attacks like fire and whatnot. If Bombshell had thrown her bomb into the ground right in front of Anvil, then she would have been in trouble, but Maxima noticed she went for center mass every time. Obviously Bombshell never played much Quake.

I was planning on drawing Anvil’s clothes ripped up much more, down to boots, bra and a pair of bike shorts that she had the foresight to wear under her skirt, but I didn’t want to get too gratuitous. Well, I wouldn’t mind drawing that, especially when it makes sense. After all, she’s melee only (thrown objects nonwithstanding) and it’s not like she was wearing a kevlar shirt. Jokes about the size of her chest aside, it is realistic to consider that she might be wearing a “combat bra.” Something that’s going to have a better chance to survive some super powered melee and preserve her modesty – or at least the safety of those of you who read this comic at work. I wonder how tough you could make a bra and it still be comfortable. I assume kevlar is scratchier than cotton or silk. I guess something with multiple layers would be in order.

I’ve been wanting to draw more stuff happening in the backgrounds so that I could resolve several fights at once, but I don’t think comics work too well that way. The extra dialog playing out in the last few panels of this page I find to be rather distracting, so I suppose it really only works well with a long shot and multiple action scenes playing out, not multiple conversations.

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