There’s been a lot of speculation, and this finally confirms it. Time travel! This is why when the team arrived on Alari Prime, Harem got discombobulated, because suddenly there were twice as many of her, and half of her knew the date was different. This helped the team immensely though, as they knew exactly when in time Sydney was. Past Harem also instantly knew everything that had happened in the intervening time. Since she only has one mind between all her bodies, the two versions of her integrated into a new single mind with the added memories. Her ability to recall those memories, however, is somewhat limited. They’re all there, but they don’t just burst forth unbidden. Most memories need some context. She sat down and tried to sort of remember everything in order, but a lot of the samey daily minutia got lost in the kaleidoscope of monotony that is modern life. The big events, however, were a lot easier to pull up. In the last 2 months, the team has gained a bit of a reputation for being exactly where they needed to be to prevent major crimes and disasters. If anyone is speculating that Archon has a psychic, they’re okay with people believing it.

So they were thrown 51 days into the future, and it took Sydney 2 days to make it home, most of which was spent on Cora’s ship. That’s not too bad considering she had no idea where she was. It’s lucky Cora got a lock on her when she jumped from the Alari homeworld to Fracture Station.

If most of Sydney’s friends are around her age, most of them would probably still be alive after 57 years. So, typical overreaction from her really. The reason Harem went with 57 years instead of 53 years, is 57 is the length of time Ripley was lost in space between Alien & Aliens. As for why I chose 53 days instead of 57… I don’t know, probably I thought it’d be too on the nose to homage Aliens that hard.

Moving update: Jeeze, I though preparing a house for sale was took a lot of time, but showing a house… geeze. All weekend it was every other hour, pack up and go for a walk or do some errands while a realtor walks strangers though the place. Not conducive to working on a comic. :/ You’re supposed to let the realtor do the selling, which is probably a good idea. I tend to overshare. “That’s where the cat threw up last week. I stepped right in it. That’s the problem with having cat-barf colored carpet. I guess it depends on what you’re feeding the cat really. Oh, and also there’s a hellmouth under the porch.”

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