There are probably a large number of people who are extremely nervous that a not-yet-even-a-private knows crap that a whole bunch of extremely high ranked people don’t. There are three star generals don’t know a thing about the Twilight Council. (They get read in if needed, but it’s need to know.) Generally speaking, most politicians aren’t in the know about that stuff either. Obviously the president and select members of the cabinet know, but the Council has veto rights in case, I don’t know, a president ever gets elected who is… not up to their standards.

In those cases the Council just deals with the heads of security agencies, and the at the time ARC agency, which before it was formalized into ARCHON, was like, Zephan and half the people who are organized under Arc-LIGHT now, working with Pixel and five or six supers they knew, sort of like an X-Files meets the BPRD.

In case you’re wondering how The Veil works here, in this case, Olivia sees Pixel’s human face, and will wind up misremembering how tall Pixel was when they shook hands. Things that can screw up The Veil’s effect are the little stuff, like if Olivia was wearing earrings that always catch on her collar or swing against her neck when she looks up, she won’t remember Pixel being a foot taller than her, but she might remember her earring. The Veil just can’t account for all those weird one offs. One incident won’t let someone pierce The Veil, but a number of small ones can start to add up. (The damage Sciona did to the sigils that mange The Veil had been repaired by now, BTW)

#MakeComics: When I  wrote this page, Pixel initially returns Olivia’s compliment about her jacket by saying “Thanks, I like your, uh, arm socks.” Then when Sydney says “Was that rude?” Pixel interrupts her with “I don’t know what those are called. They’re like opera gloves but they don’t cover the hands. Arm warmers?”

But I had to cut it for space. Stupid word bubbles taking up space.

Repercussions (Wearing the Cape Book 8) is out! WtC is one of my favorite superhero series. In case you’re unfamiliar with the books, it’s not a harem series. I know I recommend a lot of those. Nope, female superhero, book 1 starts with her getting her powers and learning all about them, which is my favorite sort of superhero storyline when it’s done right. Although, at this point in the series, she’s got quite a lot of experience under her belt, and this book promises to have… well, if the title doesn’t hint at it, repercussions for a lot of stuff that’s gone down in the books so far. Here’s a link to the whole series, and the first book is free if you want to check it out but haven’t yet.


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