So not too much to say about this page. Tammy’s just getting herself a late night snack. The ambient energy in a place like that would keep her out of a deficit, but the older she gets, her requirements will outstrip what she can absorb from the stuff just hanging around in the air.

Theoretically, as an adult she could survive like this, by hanging out near and active crime scene, as it were. Dabbler’s convinced it would never happen. But it would be like living as a level 5 vegan. It would be… unsatisfying.

My attempt to do a disgusted expression on Tamatha in panel six seems to have suddenly aged her 40 years.

Oh yeah, that silhouette in the last panel. It’s not Dabbler. Count the arms.

Edit: Whoops! Must have set the time wrong on this. Oh well, early comic, y’all!

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