For those of you who were really looking forward to Aranea’s booking process, I guess, uh, just imagine it going down however you like. There’s a slew of charges that could be brought against her, complicated by the fact that she has killed several actual properly evil demons doing properly evil things. Technically illegal, but the sort of stuff The Twilight Council and their Semper Vigilatis would themselves be doing.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to google something a bit more clever to put on Anvil’s top, like an actual math equation that describes soft body physics, but for all my effort I mostly just found a lot of articles complaining about sexism in the video game industry… which is definitely there. On the other hand, boobs jiggle. Most of the time they way it’s implemented the woman looks like she has implants made out of flubber (for those of you old enough to get that reference) but I digress. Most of the rest of what I found was articles on implementing soft body physics in Unity. Maybe I need to subscribe to scientific journals or something if I want to get that deep in the weeds – for a joke that like, 3 people would get. Those are the best kind of references if you’re one of the few people who do get them though. It’s like watching an episode of MST3K and they make a reference to the singer of an obscure band or The Galaxy Rangers and you’re certain you’re the only person in 100 miles who got it.

I suspect “soft body physics” is probably not something that can be accounted for in a single nice, neat equation like E=MC^2, but I still think it would have been funny to try and cram one of those “people doing science” chalkboards full of math onto her top.

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