This is why Math isn’t in charge of teaching recruits. Sydney was just wandering by and said “Hey, show me how to fight.” And Jabberwokky is always up for a scrap.

Here’s a picture of Math’s shirt, since I didn’t manage to have a good shot of it on the page.

I was trying to get a little ahead on the comic, but then I decided it was time someone taught Sydney how to fight, and small action doesn’t really work in comics, so I decided to make this page a double. Luckily the backgrounds for most panels were easier than usual.

I still have a lot to learn about proper comic action though. I think I overdid it with the speed lines actually. Honestly I think it would look better if I had some more background elements to root the action into the scene, like that low kick in panel 5. You can tell it’s a low kick because Jabber has her hands on the ground, but you can’t see it. I maybe should have left some elements of the mat showing or something. Honestly, there was a time factor involved. A better fight scene would have had them fighting over and through some obstacle course or gym equipment. That sort of thing might have to wait for an alternate future where I master using Blender so I can build a reusable set and not have to draw a bunch of gym equipment from a bunch of different angles. *shudder*

Edit: Okay, I changed the stinger. It was late and I forgot he made fists when he blocked.

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