Okay, a domino mask could protect someone’s identity, but not that centimeter wide “strip of tape” style. I see comics with characters wearing stuff like that, and I think it’s almost as bad as Superman’s disguise.

It can’t be any surprise to Sydney that she’s the featherest-weight puncher on the team.

I’m not sure how the same machine could register Sydney’s love tap but also not vaporize when Maxima punched it. I’m sure there are machines that can register incredible impacts, like stuff used for measuring car crashes, but Maxima can far exceed even that. Maybe a machine that measured impacts by volume of liquid displacement, but it’d have to be a lot more liquid than that little machine in the corner of the gym could have in it.

BTW I know Mantis Shrimps are known for their crazy punching, but they’re like six inches long, so that’s why they register down at the bottom. Maybe I should have used “Puppy” instead.

Instead of animals, my original chart listed sports like Karate, Boxer, but also had specific people on it like “Drago” and “Vegeta” and it seemed like a weird mix. An all fictional character one would have been amusing, but I wasn’t sure what to put down on the lower tiers. There aren’t a lot of characters famous for being weak punchers, though maybe “Aunt May” could have worked, but then who? Pillowhands McGee, who I just made up? I’m not sure if Kenshiro would slot in above a DBZ character or below. In terms of actual joules or footpounds, I guess he’s come in a lot lower than them, but arguably his punches are a jillion times more deadly.

God, if I was a woman named Jillian, my friends would be SO SICK of hearing me say “I’m a Jillian times (adverb/adjective)-er than you.”

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