Anvil is the only one who could get away with this. Max and Peggy are good friends, but Peggy respects the chain of command too much to try and manhandle Max into a date, even if she were physically capable of it. When Anvil is off duty, Max reverts to being her bud, and that’s something that Max actually appreciates despite any evidence to the contrary.

This room was supposed to have a window in it so you guys can tell it’s evening, but I forgot. Sydney had more classes throughout the day, but it was stuff like police procedure and law 101 stuff, which is probably boring even in montage form, so I decided to skip to the evening and catch up with Max since we haven’t seen her in a few pages.

They don’t have an Officer’s Lounge at Archon HQ, which is to say it’s not commissioned officers only. This room is more of a… Leadership Den, so Sergeants like Anvil can hang out and so can non-military people like Arianna and Dr. Frost.

As blind dates go, Max isn’t necessarily impressed with athletes. She doesn’t have a problem with them intrinsically – she definitely like a guy who applies himself and excels in his profession, but just being a pro athlete isn’t enough for her. That’s mainly because she perceives a lot of athletes as being full of themselves, but if she sees one of them be able to make fun of themselves, like in a guest role on a sitcom like the League or something, then her perception of them will shift quite a bit. Ultimately, she wouldn’t seriously date an athlete unless she knew they spent at least some of their extracurricular time doing things like charity training camps for kids and whatnot.

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