One of Max’s unofficial super powers is “super” hearing. Not super hearing, like, hearing Lois Lane calling for help from across metropolis, or Daredevil level lie detection via eavesdropping on heart rate. She just has… better than usual hearing. So she might have heard more of that conversation between Dabbler and Anvil than us. Of course, Dabbler has pretty good hearing herself. Just look at the size of her ears. So maybe Anvil was talking real low.

Some of you are questioning Anvil’s choice of Deus for this fix up, and that gets addressed in a bit, but it’s just an opportunity thing for Anvil. Max is meeting with Deus no matter what Anvil does, so Anvil is trying to encourage Max to up her social game while she’s out. She’s of the opinion that it’s been so long since Max flirted with someone, that if she does it at all, she’ll go up two or three levels. She might not be wrong. Honestly, I haven’t decided if this is all a setup for Max to try and flirt, only to be apocalyptically bad at it or not.

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