Yes, I drew Dabbler’s long tongue thrashing around all over Anvil’s cleavage. They’re not directly interacting, but I’m sure Dabbler won’t be offended if you pretend.

I modeled Archon’s Mess Dress largely after a Marine I found with a little googling. It had a cloak, so naturally I went with something like that, but decided to give it a few tweaks, including jackboots and those epaulets with the tassel fringe. After I drew it I realized that Max kind of looks like M. Bison/Vega. It wasn’t intentional, but I’m super okay with it.

I’m not actually sure what regulation military underwear is. I think I read something about, depending on the branch, everyone gets a few basic standard issue boxers or tighty whities, plus an allowance to buy like a week’s worth of your preferred style or something. And there’s probably a line somewhere about not wearing thongs and shit that’s going to chafe. I don’t know if they do underwear inspections, but they do barracks inspections so if you’re going to get caught in your drawers, that’d probably be the time.

I imagine Lt. Colonels never actually have to prove they’re wearing the right kind of underwear, (I’d like to see the general with the balls to check Maxima) so I’m not sure how valid Max’s protest is there in panel three.

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