I put a little thought into Lorlara’s name. It’s a bit like Arabic names that recount lineage. For example, Alexander Siddig’s full name (Dr. Bashir on DS9) is Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. That’s fucking tight. I’d love to see him use his full name in some show.

Anyway, Alari names, at least the nobles and general upper crust, recount not only lineage but house. “Ora” means “of house” and “zar/zvar” indicates whether the recounted ancestor was a matriarch or patriarch. There are other particles to indicate if your progenitor was lowborn or knighted or whatever. “Xe” just means “and I am.” So if you’re being super informal, or your lineage has been properly established, you can just say “Xe Lorlara” i.e. “I’m Lorlara.”

Maxima doesn’t speak a word of Alar, BTW, unlike what some people were speculating. I’m not sure where she would have picked it up.

I do wonder how it would go down if an alien race wanted to start a colony on Earth. It’s not like there’s a unified body that would have any real say about it. The UN is the closest thing, but really the nation hosting the new colony would have the lion’s share of input. I think a major deciding factor would be if the aliens decided to settle in a wealthy country that all the other countries wanted to maintain trade relationships with or not. In the case of them landing in some backwater that’s barely recognized by the UN like Galytn… honestly, I think there might be some super aggressive invitations from other countries to come for a tour before the put down roots – if not a straight up invasion or some sort of CIA/SVR RF (apparently the thing that came after the KGB)/Chinese MSS/etc aided political turnover.

The thing that’s throwing a big ol’ wrench in the usual playbooks is Galytn’s curiously effective military. Effective due to an usual density of supers. Something that might support Deus’s claim about the Galytn’s overall super population. That or he’s just hired a shitload of super powered mercenaries from all over Africa and is a big dirty pants on fire guy.

You may think that “African American” is an odd entry for a form immigrating people into America. (Or applying for a Visa) I would agree with you. I think it’s there because some white guy was building the form and was like “Is it okay to say “black?” Better put other options in as well.”

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