Deus doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would engage the services of a dominatrix, but as they say, variety is the raised welt on the backside of life.

So, I’ve figured out why I like Lorlara so much. It’s not that complicated, really. Lorlara is basically Sydney – if Sydney was some sort of party line authoritarian. I just like writing over the top characters, and it’s been a while since Sydney has done anything really nuts. Okay, she’s done plenty since that incident, but that remains kind of peak Sydney I think.

Yes, obviously they’re going to meet at some point.

Edit: Forgot to mention, Maxima’s expressions on this page were modeled after Julia Louis Dreyfus trying not to laugh at Jerry Stiller.

I forgot to mention, but Michael-Scott Earle is running a new kickstarter, this time for the second book in his Monster Empire series.

Fun fact, he published book 1 about a week before his Amazon kerfuffle. I bought it, but didn’t read it right away – I think I was in the middle of a different series at the time or something, and then when the ban hit, I decided not read it, because I don’t like getting invested in something if I know there’s only a tiny bit of it out there. It’s like a tease. I tend not to buy novels until there’s at least three in a series, but that also sometimes depends on the author and how prolific they are.

Anyway, I haven’t read the first one. I’ll probably start it a day or two before the second book comes out. I assume it will be good.

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