Thongs, Sydney. The ladies wear thongs. Or… at least some of them do. Or… at least they claim to.

Those are ziplines coming off the top of the tower, because why wouldn’t there be?

Hmm. Not sure what else to say about this page. It’s really just a transition to show Cora and crew coming back. I suppose I could have had someone look out the window and said “Oh, hey, Cora’s back.” without showing it, but it’s the second time a spaceship has landed in public in the Grrl-verse, so it seemed significant.

General Faulk is 50, BTW. That sounds old when you’re 20, admittedly. It sounds a lot less old when you’re in your 40’s. And it sounds even less old when you realize that Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves are in their mid 50’s. Honestly as a career military guy, Faulk could probably scale that tower faster than most of the people reading this comic, I’d bet. Sure, he’s probably been mostly riding a desk for the last few years, but he’s still up and doing some sort of exercise at the ass crack of dawn every day still. I would have put that Sydney almost beat Sandy’s time, but I figured most people wouldn’t remember who she was without additional prompting. (She’s Arianna’s assistant.)

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