When Peggy says “the course changes” she just means that most of the pop-up targets have either a civvie or bad guy option. The course doesn’t rearrange itself. No Shi’ar tech holo-suite danger room for Arc-SWAT quite yet.

I think the most impressive thing about Sydney’s time in the course today (this literally took all day, far more than the seven tries show on this page. It’s like 9:30 PM now) is that she did manage to radically improve her time without actually shooting herself in the leg. Peggy’s been keeping a real close eye on Sydney’s trigger discipline all day.

Sydney’s actually still mostly afraid of guns, which is part of the reason she’s so slow. If anything, she’s too good with trigger discipline. She had been trying to make up a little time with her reloads, which led to the sequence in the middle of the page there, and that wasn’t the only time she messed up a reload because she was rushing.

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