Sydney has lost enough things to realize that when she comes back looking for the stasis pod, that “all those skyscrapers kind of look alike.” Sure, the tarps and the scaffolding make it more memorable than the other skyscrapers in the area, but I’m sure at any given time, 5-10% of buildings in NYC are having some work done on them. Of course, you’d think she would at least write down the nearest cross street, but she could be recalled to the fight at any moment.

Cora probably thought Sydney was going to just fly to the top of a skyscraper and dump it there, which Sydney considered, but also figured any villain flier could find and make off with it easily if she did that. So she flew around circuitously for a while before finding a place she could duck into, which is another reason she needs to document where she’s leaving the stasis pod.

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