In an mixed alien/fantasy race situation, one could probably get a lot of mileage out of “It’s instinctive for my people.” or “It’s how my people do things.” or “My gods require…” It’s also an easy way to get busted doing something obnoxious when the party encounters a second member of your race and you don’t have the opportunity to flash him the “Bro, be cool” eyes.

This next sequence will probably illuminate my lack of editorial rigor. I’m trying to wrap up this whole Aliens in Times Square kerfuffle, and I thought, “Why not do a romance subplot between two aliens whose names you guys don’t know?”

Actually, that’s not true, Garamm was named just before he tackled Ray Cosmos. Dabbler called the flame eye demoness “Torchy,” but her name is Lapha. I don’t think she was called out by name in the comic though, but I’m going to cheat and add her to the Who’s Who, cause it’s my comic and I can do what I want.

Anyway, my bar for putting stuff in the comic is “does it amuse me?” and it seems to have been a viable strategy so far.

Magi's Path (Aether's Revival Book 3) by [Daniel Schinhofen]I pimped the release of the audiobook for Aether’s Revival 2 a few weeks ago, and hopefully a few of you have checked the series out. Well, Aether’s Revival 3 is out (just the book – the audiobook is pending.)




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