So, is she possessing him? And if so, why didn’t she just toss herself onto Maxima’s head?

The answer is… kind of, but not really. Basically, she’s not “high level” enough to straight up possess someone. Right now, she’s somewhere between a Trill symbiont, sharing knowledge and memories, and Steve-Martin-bonked-on-the-head-by-a-mystic-bowl. They’re still separate entities, and both have control if the other one doesn’t object. She, and most of her species are relegated to passenger if the host doesn’t want to play along. The more advanced members of her species have increasing levels of primacy, but as Lapha alludes to, other races aren’t copasetic with being possessed, so her people have adapted to be artisanal meat jockeys. Which is to say they grow customized blanks, and pilot those around.

FYI, escape velocity is around mach 33. Maxima can’t go that fast. She can fly out of the atmosphere quite easily though. When she’s flying, she’s… well, she’s still affected by gravity. Her hair and clothes and whatever still “fall” toward Earth, but she just doesn’t… move toward Earth. It’s like in a videogame where you press spacebar to ascend, she just floats wherever she, uh, stopped pressing spacebar.

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