Fortunately, wet Woofs smell like caramelized honey and campfires. That would actually be super weird, if whenever he got wet it smelled like something was on fire.

Yes, Detla’s mask can do expressions. Or at least match what her eyes are doing. It’s space tech, don’t question it.

Second date reference.

When all the super ladies are having a girls’ night and talking about their boyfriends, you got to figure quite a few of them are probably dating fairly impressive guys, right? Anvil went on a date with a basketball player (off camera), Harem is “dating” a maybe-supervillain maybe-philanthropist billionaire, (who, granted, might be trying to score with her boss) (I’ll just link this related page because I like it), at least one of them is probably dating an actor, but while they’re all extolling their paramours’ virtues, Sydney can just sit there and smile, then finally say “My boyfriend can stay underwater for an hour.”

Then someone else can point out that her boyfriend is actively in a reverse harem with a blue-skinned space babe and has also schtooped Dabbler. Sydney knows all of this of course, but pointing it out is a good way to get added to The List.

Then Heatwave can leave the room, walk to the other lounge, then return dragging Mr. Amorphous’s tongue with her, arch an eyebrow, then release it with a wet snap.

The new vote incentive is up! Some of you got sort of invested in Lapha and Garamm, so her she is testing out her new duds. I don’t know if or when they’ll show up in the comic again, )(probably more a question of ‘if’) but we’ll have to see if she got any other options besides the tail. Personally I’d go for retractable, venomous fangs, but presumably if you get those, you also have to get a special upgraded pancreas or liver or something, in case you accidentally bite the inside of your own cheek with your fang. As usual, there are a few variants over at Patreon, and as is becoming more common, a little follow-on comic.


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